I am having problems with a product you recommended. Please help!

While I do take extreme care in which resources I recommend, occasionally some issues may arise. These are usually due to technical support issues, such as difficulties with downloads or emails to support not being received.

First and foremost, please contact the program producer directly. Usually they have excellent customer support that will handle your issue quickly and easily. This is especially true for technical issues and/or refund requests.

In the very rare situation that my partner's customer support team is not addressing your issue to your *complete* satisfaction, please contact me directly. Include the names of what you bought as well as any receipt information and numbers you may have.

I will then directly contact the team (as in, going over and ABOVE their customer support team) and make sure your issue is handled with the utmost of care.

Though the need to get other people involved is rare, I apologize in advance if that happens to you. And please know that every resource I recommend has excellent guarantee policies, and I stand behind the programs and partners 100%. That said, I also take full responsibility for ensuring that issues you may have are resolved to your satisfaction because, quite frankly, you deserve the best and I'll always do my best to give that to you. :)