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Can I Download Your Videos?

Unfortunately at this time, none of my videos are available for download. Ones created by Chris Cade may be licensed. Contact us with info about your request.

How do I get permission to reprint one of your stories and/or blog posts?

Because our content comes from many sources, our reprint policy is more complex than you are probably used to. Depending on the story or article you want to reprint will determine whether or not you need to get our permission. You do not have to request any permission to print out our stories for your own personal reading or to share with friends and family. If you wish to reprint any stories or blog posts online or offline, please contact us directly (

"Our Deepest Fear" Quote - Was It Marianne Williamson or Nelson Mandela?

Though this quote has been attributed to many people and quoted in several movies, the original quote is from Marianne Williamson's book "A Return to Love." The person who this quote is most frequently mis-attributed to is Nelson Mandela. However, the Nelson Mandela Foundation has confirmed that, to their knowledge, he has never spoken those words. You can verify this here (, as well as read articles posted on Snopes...

WOW! "Rise Into Love" is amazing... can I read it at a wedding?

After reading "Rise Into Love (," many people have written asking if they may read this passage at the wedding for somebody they care about. To every person who has this heartfelt response, I am deeply honored for your connection to this work and am grateful to support you in sharing it with your loved ones. You may use it under two conditions: First, is that it is not modified in any way (except for my recommendation below to use their real names...