A Course In Miracles Daily Lessons

I am missing lessons. Will you please re-send them?

First thing to do is check your SPAM folders and see if any lessons got caught there. If you do not find them there and are still missing lessons, please respond to us via email (or write a help desk ticket (https://chriscade.ladesk.com/submit_ticket)) so that we can investigate why the lessons might not be reaching you. Please make sure to add chris@chriscade.com (mailto:chris@chriscade.com) to your whitelist / Allowed Senders list. Secondly, at this point in time is is not realistically fea...

Why Does A Course In Miracles use patriarchal Christian language?

Because I do not consider myself an ACIM teacher, I do not feel qualified to answer this question. I recommend you contact an ACIM teacher directly so that they can support you.

Can I get the Course through the postal mail or in a book?

The book is available in printed form in many languages through The Foundation for Inner Peace (http://www.acim.org) and Amazon (https://amzn.to/2Vi3tjD).

What order should I do the Workbook, Text, and Teacher's Manual in?

This is a question that commonly comes up; however, there's no real true answer. Any order you do the Course in will be beneficial. However, many ACIM teachers and students have stated that they find the greatest benefit in doing the Workbook lessons first.

Can I get the ACIM lessons in a different language?

Yes and no. The emails that I provide are only available in English, and I have no plans to translate them into different languages at this time. Fortunately... If you would like to study A Course In Miracles in your native language, please visit The Foundation For Inner Peace (http://shop.acim.org/) (publisher of A Course In Miracles) to see what is available.

How do I thank Chris for these lessons?

The easiest way is to reply to any email. And, if you wish to thank me more tangibly then click here and read this letter from me (http://www.chriscade.com/patreon).

Why are my ACIM lessons formatted weird?

While I do my best to format lessons so that they display well on all devices and computers, this isn't always the case. The most common issue is your mobile device. You might try reading the emails via a different device (so if you're on mobile, try reading them on a laptop. If you're on a laptop, try a different internet browser). If you are still having trouble viewing the lessons, please feel free to contact us via the Help Desk (https://chriscade.ladesk.com/submit_ticket) so we can look...

I only want the ACIM lessons and nothing else. How do I stop your other emails?

At this time, it is possible. However, we have to manually do it for you. Feel free to contact us (https://chriscade.ladesk.com/submit_ticket) so we can help you.

Can you answer my questions about A Course In Miracles?

Because I do not consider myself a 'teacher' of A Course In Miracles (specifically), I do my best to refer students to other teachers and resources who are more well-versed in ACIM. Here are some different resources that would be helpful: - Our Facebook community page at http://www.facebook.com/courseinmiracles - ACIM.org (http://www.acim.org) and FACIM.org (http://www.facim.org) - Many Unity churches, and Science of Mind churches, have in-person ACIM study groups. Check your local ch...

Can I start my Course In Miracles lessons over from the beginning?

Yes and no. The current system we use does not allow us to manually restart people, and, unfortunately, the same email address cannot receive the lessons more than once. Therefore, to start over you would need to use a new email address and sign up again here for free: http://www.the-course-in-miracles.com/free GMAIL USERS: If you use gmail, there is a super-easy way to do this. You can create an "on-demand" email address. For example, if your email address is jennysmith1000@gmail.com you can ...

Can I start my Course In Miracles lessons on a specific day?

Unfortunately, the system is designed only to deliver each lesson one per day, in sequential order. Therefore, it is not possible for us to arrange your lessons to begin on a certain day. If this is important to you, the best thing to do is set a calendar notice to remind you on the day you wish to subscribe. It is relevant to note that the first message sent is the Course Introduction, and the 1st official 'lesson' is delivered the following morning. So if you wanted to start with Lesson #1 ...

Why did my Course In Miracles lessons stop?

The most common reasons people stop receiving their lessons are: (1) It gets caught in their spam filters (2) Their email provider blocks the message as spam before it even gets to a spam filter The first thing to always do when missing lessons is to check your spam / bulk folders. If you happen to use Gmail, also check and see if it landed in you 'Promotions' tab. One thing you can often do that will help with the above issues is to reply to one of my messages. This usually signals ...

What is in the ACIM book that isn't available in the ACIM daily lesson emails?

The emails I send out are only the "Workbook Lessons." What I do not ssend out are the "Teacher's Manual" and the "Text." So the book will give you something you don't get from me; although you can probably also find the Text online in lots of places. The only question is whether you prefer to read online, in print (https://amzn.to/2Vi3tjD), or on a device like an iPad or Kindle.

Do lessons go every day, or do they stop on weekends?

If you are receiving my Course In Miracles Daily Lessons, then they will continue 7 days per week with no breaks on the weekends.

Can You Pause My Lessons While I'm Away?

Unfortunately at this time, the system is not set up to support pausing and restarting of lessons.

ill You Send Me The Physical / Printed Book Of A Course In Miracles (ACIM)?

At this time, I am not personally sending out copies of this book. If you would like to get your own physical copy of A Course In Miracles (ACIM), you can get it directly from Amazon.com here (https://amzn.to/2Vi3tjD). (https://amzn.to/2Vi3tjD)

Can You Send Me A Course In Miracles (ACIM) Lessons At A Specific Time Of Day?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible. My list management service doesn't give me the option to determine when to send each person their daily lesson uniquely. Lessons are usually delivered at the same time of day as when you signed up. So for example, if you first subscribed to the lessons at 5:32pm Pacific, then your lessons will arrive each day around that time. If it is important to you to start each lesson at the beginning of your day, one possibility is to set a calendar reminder notice th...

How Do I Start A Course In Miracles (ACIM) At A Specific Lesson?

At this time, it is not feasible to specify the lesson you wish to begin with. If you would like to review a specific lesson, then all lessons are available online at: http://www.The-Course-In-Miracles.com/acim-forum

Can you re-send my daily lesson for A Course In Miracles?

At this time, it is not feasible to re-send lessons. Fortunately, all lessons are available online at the link below. :) http://www.The-Course-In-Miracles.com/acim-forum Please make sure the email did not get lost in your spam folders or accidentally deleted. Also be sure to make sure the following email address is on your 'Allowed Senders' list: chris@chriscade.com (mailto:chris@chriscade.com)